Slowly, the small group of demonstrators approached
the soldiers...

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The Strange Case of Charles Taylor — The Brooklyn Rail

August 2, 2012   -     -  

Every day, shortly before 9:30, the curtain goes up — automated venetian blinds rising behind what must be bulletproof glass — and the players take the stage. The accused enters from the left, accompanied by two guards, sits down with his back to the audience, and awaits his judges. We watch through a long, rectangular

Firestone, A State Within a State — The Nation

July 9, 2010   -     -  

Take the long drive southwest out of the capital on one of the only paved roads in Liberia, and eventually you’ll hit one of the country’s few remaining traffic signs, announcing a fork in the road. The arrow pointing to the right is labeled simply ‘”Airport.” To the left: “Firestone.” Read more…