Slowly, the small group of demonstrators approached
the soldiers...

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World War 3 Revisited — Jewish Currents

November 22, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I vaguely remember World War 3. Growing up, I was dimly aware of it lurking behind sleek curves and rippling muscles, spandex and tights and capes, the glossy sheen coating it all. World War 3 was all hard angles and contorted bodies, fists and teeth and spraypaint and blood. It was a dispatch from another

The Secret History of Palestinian Nonviolence

August 1, 2013   -     -  

Slowly, the small group of demonstrators approaches the soldiers. Around seventy-five people had turned out for this week’s protest, a mix of Palestinian villagers and Israeli activists, women and children, international fellow travelers, a handful of reporters. The crowd was chanting and clapping as they wound their way down the road leading to the spring

Sight & Fog — Jewish Currents

October 27, 2012   -     -  

Aeroport Mohammed Cinq, Morocco. We pass through security to the strains of a muzak cover of Hotel California. This is not really the song I want to hear at the airport where I’ve got a two-and-a-half hour layover. There’s flute involved. Later, the theme from The Godfather wafts across the departures lounge. Read more…

The Shattered Faith of Isaac Babel — Jewish Currents

January 1, 2007   -     -  

It’s strange how fast you can get so far from yourself. Isaac Babel knew just how strange: “Tomorrow is the day of fasting, Tisha b’Ab, and I say nothing because I am Russian.” He was also, of course, a Jew. At the time, Babel was traveling with the viciously anti-Jewish Cossacks of the Red Cavalry