Slowly, the small group of demonstrators approached
the soldiers...

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Woodward at War — The Brooklyn Rail

November 2, 2006   -     -  

Way back in 1999, in the halcyon days of the Clinton era, when blowjobs and not blowback still framed the national debate, Will Ferrell played Bob Woodward in Dick, a flick about Dick Nixon. The film begins in the then-present, as Ferrell’s Woodward and Bruce McCulloch’s Carl Bernstein are reunited at long last by a

General Kos’ Army — The Brooklyn Rail

April 10, 2006   -     -  

With over 500,000 visits a day, DailyKos is not just the second most popular blog on the net. It’s also one of the main sites where the Democratic faithful are rallying, where they get the latest updates from the front lines, where they hash out their vision of what the party should be, their plans

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