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The Strange Case of Charles Taylor — The Brooklyn Rail

August 2, 2012   -     -  

Every day, shortly before 9:30, the curtain goes up — automated venetian blinds rising behind what must be bulletproof glass — and the players take the stage. The accused enters from the left, accompanied by two guards, sits down with his back to the audience, and awaits his judges. We watch through a long, rectangular

Who Pays for the MTA? — The Brooklyn Rail

May 7, 2009   -     -  

Like the man says, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Unless the State Legislature intervenes, on May 31, facing a more than $1.8 billion budget gap for 2009, the MTA will hike the base fare for NYC’s subways and buses to $2.50. That one-day Metrocard will now cost you $9.50; a month will run $103.

Tales From the Other Side: Berger’s From A to X — The Brooklyn Rail

March 6, 2009   -     -  

The setup is simple. One prison closes, another opens. The prisoners are transferred. A packet of letters is found. Well, three packets. You’re sure the rules of the game are simple but they remain perpetually obscure. The letters aren’t in chronological order. Some were sent to Xavier, the prisoner; some were never mailed. “A’ida obviously

Making Our Votes Really Count — The Brooklyn Rail

October 10, 2008   -     -  

As term limits and elections loom—with much of the current City Council scheduled for eviction in 2009—Mayor Bloomberg (along with more than a few members of the council) has indulged in an achingly long flirtation with the idea of repealing the limits that stand between him and a third term. But New York’s democracy also

Subprime Crimes — The Brooklyn Rail

March 7, 2008   -     -  

It starts with someone like Milagros Munoz. She has lived in East New York for nearly all of her 46 years. When her mortgage broker first showed Munoz, a dental assistant, the brick duplex a short walk away from the clinic where she works, she thought she’d finally found a home for her family. “When

Memories of SDS — The Brooklyn Rail

February 6, 2008   -     -  

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!” Wordsworth was high off the fumes of the French Revolution when he wrote these lines. In the long twilight of the U.S. of A., nobody has been younger or closer to heaven than the Students for a Democratic Society.

Chaos is Good Business — The Brooklyn Rail

October 3, 2007   -     -  

Like many people—at least, that’s what I tell myself these days—I wrote Naomi Klein off when she first appeared on the scene in the late 90s. There were too many earnest activists toting around No Logo, her surprise million-plus bestseller on the buzzword of that bygone day: “globalization.” Who could trust any book the New

Scenes From a Rent War — The Brooklyn Rail

September 4, 2007   -     -  

Anderson Fils Aime kicks back and tells me a story. Back in May of this year, a month after he’d begun working as an organizer for the Pratt Area Community Council, he was at a community meeting when a woman approached him. “A resident comes in with this package saying, ‘My landlord’s trying to raise

The Battle of Starret City — The Brooklyn Rail

April 2, 2007   -     -  

The news came with a knock on the door just before 6 a.m. One of Max Abelson’s neighbors was out in the hall. Had he heard? It was all over the news. Starrett City was on the block. Read more…

Iraq and the Problems of Pulling Out — The Brooklyn Rail

February 2, 2007   -     -  

Just when you thought we might finally pull out, the President is surging. The last time Bush fils dipped into the Viagra and pumped 20,000 troops into Iraq (for the last round of elections in fall ’05), both the number of daily attacks and U.S. casualties spiked. Since then those daily attacks have nearly doubled;

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