Slowly, the small group of demonstrators approached
the soldiers...

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World War 3 Revisited — Jewish Currents

November 22, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I vaguely remember World War 3. Growing up, I was dimly aware of it lurking behind sleek curves and rippling muscles, spandex and tights and capes, the glossy sheen coating it all. World War 3 was all hard angles and contorted bodies, fists and teeth and spraypaint and blood. It was a dispatch from another

Tales From the Other Side: Berger’s From A to X — The Brooklyn Rail

March 6, 2009   -     -  

The setup is simple. One prison closes, another opens. The prisoners are transferred. A packet of letters is found. Well, three packets. You’re sure the rules of the game are simple but they remain perpetually obscure. The letters aren’t in chronological order. Some were sent to Xavier, the prisoner; some were never mailed. “A’ida obviously